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Toronto Legal Aid Family Lawyers

If looking for a toronto legal aid family lawyer contact the law office of Andreas Solomos at

Greek Lawyers Canada
If you need a Greek Lawyer in Canada to represent you or your client contact this law firm

Greek Lawyer Toronto

If you need a Greek speaking lawyer in Toronto to represent you or your client contact this law office

Belleville Family Lawer- CAS, Child welfare-children's aid

Experienced family lawyer in Ontario doing children's aid work defending parents regarding allegations of child abuse- accepts cases in Belleville, Trenton, Napane
Hastings County

Criminal Lawyer Toronto Legal Aid accepted

With his depth of 27 years of practical and academic legal experience in criminal litigation, Andreas Solomos a Toronto criminal lawyer has represented many accused involved in a variety of criminal charges, including assaults, aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, shoplifting, uttering threats, white collar crime, fraud, theft, and domestic assaults.
Mr. Solomos appears in Ontario Courts, primarily in Toronto. He accepts legal aid certificates.
Criminal Defence Services:

  •   Bail Hearings

  •   Criminal Harassment

  •   Sexual Assault

  •   Aggravated Sexual Assault

  •   Assault With a Weapon

  •   Fraud

  •   Mischief under $5000

  •   Mischief over $5000

  •   Communicating for the Purpose of Prostitution

  •   Domestic Assault

  •   Drug trafficking and Drug Possession Charges

  •   Obstruct Justice

  •   Defending Youth

  •   Shoplifting

  •   Theft

  •   Fail to Comply

  •   Possession of Firearms

  •   Obstruct Police

  •   Utter Threats

  •   Threatening Bodily Harm

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